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Japan Anime

Code : 9555329252063
Price : MYR17.90 SGD8.50 USD6.98 RMB48.33 MYR14.32 / SGD6.80 / USD5.58 / RMB38.66
Weight :200 g
Director :Takayuki Shibasaki ,
Year :2017-03
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

The movie begins with the Zyuohgers trying to stop Cube Condor via ZyuohKing 1-2-3-4-5 but the formation broke, causing Cube Condor to hijack Cube Elephant and Tiger to form Condor Wild while its pilot Domidol knocked down Zyuoh Elephant and Tiger. ZyuohKing was defeated, causing Zyuoh Eagle/Yamato to be separated while the others were captured by Domidol.

Misao found an unconscious Yamato while he was fishing, with the latter proceed to tell what happened earlier: after discovering that several Zyuman worked for a circus, Yamato brings the Zyuohgers to the circus but the show was interrupted by their ringleader Domidoll, who kidnapped the children spectators in his circus tent spaceship to destroy Earth in hopes of creating a giant space trapeze. While delaying the Zyuohgers with Moebas stolen from the Deathgaliens, Domidoll approached Perle, one of his performers and steal his Cube Condor, enslaving it as his own personal mecha.

While the Deathgaliens watching Domidoll's atrocities from above, Naria suggested to face him due to his theft of their assets but Ginis let him pass, wanting to observe his actions after taking interest on the space ringleader. Zyuoh Eagle tries to break into the spaceship but was pursued by the Moebas and gunned down by the turrets. In need of more energies, Domidoll enters the prison room and tortures Perle while he restrain the captured Zyuohgers in front of the children. Yamato finally breaks in and rescues his teammates long enough to reclaim the Champion's Proof and transform. After the rest of the team dragged Domidoll out, The World fished the entire spaceship to rescue the children and reunite them with their parents. With no options, Domidoll combines with his spaceship into a giant monster and faced against Wild Tousai Dodeka King. Perle send the Cube Condor by transforming the entire area into the Zyuland illusion, empowering Wild Tousai Dodeka King with enough energy for counterattack and finish the ringleader with Zyuoh Condor Infinity. The Zyuohgers sent their farewell to the Domidoll's former performers and hoped to meet again in Zyuland.

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