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Anime DVD Lord Marksman and Vanadis / 魔弹之王与战姬 Vol.1-13 End by Tsukasa Kawaguchi (A23)
Code : 9555652702235
Price : MYR39.90 SGD18.95 USD15.56 RMB107.73 MYR31.92 / SGD15.16 / USD12.45 / RMB86.18
Weight :250 g
Director :Tatsuo Satō ,
Year :2014
Genre :Boy Series Animation , Girl Series Animation ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :2
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :VBG Network Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

The series begins with Tigrevurmud Vorn, a Count from the Brunish town of Alsace, befriending Eleonora Viltaria during the Zhcted Kingdom's invasion of neighboring Brune. After he is taken to Elen's bustling principality of Leitmeritz, Tigre learns from his friend Bertrand that Duke Felix Aaron Thenardier, one of the heirs to the Brune Kingdom, has dispatched his son Zion to subjugate Alsace. Tigre and Elen kill Zion to save Alsace. A young maid named Titta joins Tigre on his journey while Elen gains King Viktor Artur Volk Estes Tsar Zhcted's approval of Tigre as her general. Elen also encounters Ludmilla Lourie, her longtime rival from the snowy principality Olmütz and a supporter of the Thenardiers. When Tigre and Elen lead their men to infiltrate Olmütz, Mila realizes that Tigre intends save his homeland and professes her neutrality in Brune's civil war, cutting her ties with Thenardier. The Brune and Zhcted armies are reorganized into the Silver Meteor Storm.

Meanwhile, Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon, Thenardier's rival, dispatches another one of his knights, Charon Anquetil Gleast, but is easily defeated. Tigre learns from war maiden Sofya Obertas that he has been stripped of his nobility due to his treachery. The Silver Meteor Storm single-handedly defeats the Navarre Knights, led by a general named Roland. Kreshu Shaheen Baramir, the commander of the desert land Muozinel, dispatches his army to infiltrate and enslave the people of Agnes Tigre and Mila lead their army into a battle at the Orange Plains to liberate Muozinel's slaves and rescue a girl named Regin Loire Bastien do Charles, now living in exile following the Battle of Dinant after passing as the prince under the alias Regnas. Having discovered that Elizavetta Fomina of Lebus has sent her forces to attack nearby Legnica - the principality of Alexandra Alshavin - Elen battles Liza and declares a truce between Lebus and Leitmeritz before regrouping with Tigre. To prove Regin's royal heritage, Tigre and his allies enter the Holy Grotto Saint-Groel. In the ensuing battles, Bertrand and Thenardier are killed. Brune celebrates their victory, Regin becomes queen following her father King Faron's death and Tigre is lauded as a hero. Meanwhile, Ganelon and Gleast go into exile and is sheltered by war maiden Valentina Glinka Estes.

Six months later, Tigre and Sofy are summoned to the Asvarre Kingdom to thwart Prince Germaine's tyrannical rule; Tigre befriend Sasha and Olga Tamm of Brest in the process. Tigre accompanies her on the journey to Asvarre, encountering Tallard Graham, an Asvarre general, in the process. Meanwhile, Sofy is captured by Germaine's brother Prince Eliot, who is also the leader of his pirate crew. Tallard stages a coup d'état and kills Germaine. Hearing of the invasion, Eliot dispatches the demon Torbalan at his stronghold at Fort Lux. However, Tigre and his friends are able to infiltrate the stronghold and rescue Sofy. Eliot is captured and sentenced to death, and Tallard becomes ruler of the kingdom in his stead. While returning to Zhcted, Tigre and Olga repel an assault by a demon named Torbalan; Tigre disappears in the chaos. Later, Sasha and Liza kill Torbalan, but Sasha collapses due to her frail health as well as exhausting her powers. Before she dies, Sasha tells Elen to compromise with the other war maidens for peace as well as to find her own partner in her life.

Meanwhile, an amnesiac Tigre, who goes by the alias of his father Urs, is soon found by Liza near Port Lipper and is taken to Lebus. Despite being ridiculed by the townsfolk at first, he eventually gains their admiration. Back at Silesia, Valentina stages an attempt to overthrow king and weaken Regin's power. She tricks Count Eugene Shevarin of Pardu and Duke Ilda Krutis of Bydgauche - Viktor's heirs - into fighting each other. At Tigre's request, Liza and Elen decide to work together. Later at Bydgauche, Liza, Tigre and their allies fight and defeat Ilda. He soon realizes that the fight is also another test by Lebus's minister. After ending the disputes between Lebus and Bydgauche, Tigre is selected as Lebus's adviser. Liza and Tigre soon encounter the demon Baba Yaga, who demands that Liza returns her powers to the demon. In the ensuing chaos, Tigre saves Liza from being killed by a dragon. However, Baba Yaga impales Liza's right arm, and Tigre disappears along with the demon. Eventually, Tigre is found by Damad, a Muozinel soldier summoned by Kreshu to learn of his whereabouts. Tigre and Damad befriend each other, but Damad becomes suspicious of Tigre's true identity and escorts him back to Lebus. Lim, Mashas, Titta and Elen regroup with Tigre and Damad, having known Tigre's true identity throughout his encounter, goes his separate ways with Tigre. Tigre, Liza and Elen battle Baba Yaga, and Tigre regains his memories in the process. Tigre severely wounds Baba Yaga, who is soon killed and absorbed by Ganelon. After the Lebus forces repel an attack by an army from Polus, Liza and Elen reconcile and Tigre becomes their mediator.

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