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Korea Anime

ANIME DVD Leafie, A Hen into the Wild / Daisy, A Hen into the Wild / Madangeul Naon Amtak / 鸡妈鸭仔 movie by Na Hyun Kim Eun-jung (A23)
Code : 9528200194844
Price : MYR16.90 SGD8.03 USD6.59 RMB45.63 MYR13.52 / SGD6.42 / USD5.27 / RMB36.50
Weight :123 g
Director :Oh Sung-yoon ,
Year :2011
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Korean ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Audio Format :AUDIO STEREO ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD5 ,
Manufacturer :Perniagaan Impian Seni ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

Leafie (잎싹, leaf<잎>+sprout<싹>) lives on a chicken farm where she is in a cage with many other egg-laying hens. However, she can't incubate the eggs even though they are her own. Dreaming of having her own young, she plans to escape the farm. While escaping, a one eyed weasel known as One-Eye threatens Leafie, but Wanderer (a mallard duck, 나그네 "Nagnae") helps her to escape. Leafie makes friends with Wanderer, but the guard duck leaves without a word. Leafie goes back to the Farm to join the group of farm animals who reside outside the egg farm in the yard, but Rooster argues with Leafie and refuses to allow her into his flock, wanting her to return laying eggs.

With nowhere else to go, Leafie sneaks out of the Farm and arrives in the wild, where she meets Mr. Otter, who heard about Leafie and helps her find a place to live on Wanderer's behalf. The now wild hen meets Wanderer again but discovers he has a mate. That night, One-Eye kills Wanderer's mate, and after hearing the commotion, Leafie enters the nest and finds a single egg. Wanderer accepts Leafie to take care of the egg for a few days, while one night fighting off One-Eye. Wanderer instructs Leafie to take his unborn child to the everglades, and she will understand in time why. That night One-Eye returns, and Wanderer engages her in a fight to the death. Leafie witnesses the battle but Wanderer is defeated and killed by the weasel, leaving Leafie alone and depressed.

After Wanderer's death, the egg hatches into a baby duckling, who thinks Leafie is its mother. Leafie cares for the duckling and names him "Chorok head" or "Greenie" (초록머리, 초록 in the movie). The hen heads to a nearby glade where there are many water birds and took most of her time caring for Greenie, who grew up and learned how to swim from Mr. Otter. Later on Greenie tries to make friends with Mandarin Ducks but they make fun of Leafie, who they think is crazy. Growing up, a teenage Greenie becomes interested in flying, and Mr. Otter enlists the help from a Bat and an Owl to help Greenie learn how to fly. Meanwhile, Leafie discovers that the local water birds doesn't like her nor accept her in their society and becomes depressed. She then meets up with Greenie, who has been teased by the other ducks and blames Leafie for being an outcast. After discovering that they are indeed both different, Greenie leaves Leafie, feeling that he doesn't need her anymore.

Hearing about this, and the mentioning of Wanderer from Leafie, Mr. Otter tells her about Wanderer being the guard duck of his flock and how he crippled his wing while fighting One-Eye, who lost one of her eyes in the struggle. Wanderer was then captured by the farmer and held within the yard, but managed to escape sometime later. Greenie comes across the Farm after hearing about it from three ducks who live there. After arriving in the farm with the group, Greenie is attacked by the owner of the farm, who ties him down with a string in order to clip his wings. Chirpie, a friend of Leafie's, sees this and goes to warn Leafie about Greenie, and the hen quickly rushes to the farm to save him.

To distract the farmer, Leafie, with the help of Mr. Otter, releases all of the hens from the chicken farm and she reunites with Greenie when Mr. Otter frees him by biting off the string that held him down. Rooster confronts Leafie before she could escape with Mr. Otter and Greenie, and in a short scuffle, all of the animals discover Rooster's comb is fake and forces him to work for them. Leafie escapes the farm with Greenie and Mr. Otter, and both Leafie and Greenie reconcile after Mr. Otter departs. The two are suddenly confronted by One-Eye, who then hunts down Greenie to eat him. Despite Leafie's intervention, the weasel managed to pin Greenie down on an old tree, which breaks off and sends the two plummeting over a cliff. Believing Greenie to be dead, Leafie mourns, but Greenie escaped certain death by successfully learning how to fly while One-Eye managed to save herself by grabbing hold of a ledge on the cliff.

A flock of ducks soon come during the autumn season, and Leafie realized what Wanderer meant when he instructed her to take his egg to the everglades. An adult Greenie goes to meet the flock and learns about an upcoming contest to decide who will be the new guard duck of the flock, but the ducks flee from Greenie after seeing the human string that was still wrapped around his leg from his past encounter with the farmer. Leafie gives Greenie her support and reassures him to participate in the contest after taking a portion of the human string from his leg just in time. Greenie returns to the flock and announced that he wants to be in the contest as well, quickly forming a rivalry with another duck named Red Head.

During the race, Greenie recalls the words of his mentors, and successfully wins the contest, becoming the new guard duck of the flock. After the competition, Leafie finds a nest of baby weasels, to which she begins to take care of. While Rooster is finding a home with Mr. Otter after escaping from the farm, Greenie tries to find Leafie to say his goodbyes but comes across One-Eye once again and saves a female duck from the hungry carnivore. Their brief scuffle lands them in front of Leafie and the nest of baby weasels, and One-Eye pins down Greenie, preparing to kill him. Leafie attempts to help Greenie, but One-Eye threatens her to not come near. During the confrontation, the baby weasels Leafie had been caring for were revealed to be One-Eye's offspring. This makes Leafie realize that the weasel who killed Wanderer and his mate, is now killing to provide food for her kits. After agreeing to not harm the weasel kits in exchange for letting Greenie go, Leafie and Greenie were allowed to escape. Before they leave, Leafie sees how One-Eye, who is malnourished due to the rough winter season, is unable to produce milk to feed her kits.

The flock of ducks prepare to leave the everglades, and Leafie and Greenie say their heartfelt goodbyes to one another before Greenie departs with his flock, now able to set out and see the world. Soon afterwards, One-Eye comes. Leafie, feeling that she's done everything she can for Greenie and knowing that One-Eye is unable to produce milk from malnutrition, allows herself to be killed and eaten, so that the baby weasels will not starve.

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