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TAIWAN DRAMADVD Inborn Pair / True Love 真爱找麻烦 Part 1 (Eps.1-42) by 謝定瑜、張宇忠、邵慧婷
Code : 9555209011391
Price : MYR74.00 SGD35.15 USD28.86 RMB199.80 MYR59.20 / SGD28.12 / USD23.09 / RMB159.84
Weight :550 g
Staring :王宥胜 , 陈庭妮 , 谢坤达 , 王思平 , 洪小玲 ,
Director :冯凯 ,
Year :2011
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :10
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :TAIWAN 三立 ,

一段指腹為婚的愛情故事,在二十多年前,宋家爺爺(陳博正飾)因為一次的搶劫事件,救了柯奶奶(譚艾珍飾)與柯家媳婦,雙方因而結緣,當時,柯奶奶得知宋家媳婦(楊麗音飾)懷有身孕,生下宋奕婕(陳庭妮飾),柯奶奶為了報恩,指著宋家媳婦的肚子說出了指腹為婚的誓言,約定結為親家。可是宋爺爺只當作玩笑話,並沒有放在心上,時間過去,兩家失聯,宋家與柯家從此失去聯絡。但柯奶奶一直信守著這個諾言,因為她相信,信用是做人的根本。 他是一個超有耐心、毅力、有理想,總愛自我要求,不怕麻煩的總經理—柯偉翔。 她是一個正義感強烈,遠遠路見不平,就迫不及待拔槍掃射。為了實踐對父親的承諾,而積極仗義助人的女兒—宋奕婕。 他們為了一個古老失傳的文化傳統:指腹為婚,開始了一段互相找麻煩的生活…… 這是一個想找麻煩卻找出真愛的故事! Inborn Pair is about a resort president (also grandma’s boy) Ke Wei Xiang, who has the career he wants and is instead looking for his special someone. His grandma has betrothed Wei Xiang when he was still in the womb to the granddaughter of the man who saved her life, and grandma has been dreaming of the day her grandson can fulfill her promise. Wei Xiang is the reverse of the haughty, cold, and rude chaebol. He’s instead very considerate and kind, and he doesn’t have the heart to say no to his grandma’s lifelong dream. The heroine Song Yi Jie is a legal assistant at a law firm who is in the process of obtaining her lawyers license. She’s a righteous young woman who believes in standing up for justice and doesn’t care for love when she’s got a career to pursue. Episode 1 has Yi Jie and Wei Xiang meeting cute when she pretends to be the lover of a sleazy man so that his wife can obtain the evidence to force him sign divorce papers. On her way to the rendezvous, she chances upon a woman tearfully accusing Wei Xiang of breaking her heart (but in truth the woman is his daft subordinate). Wei Xiang thinks Yi Jie is a “Xiao San”(homewrecker) while Yi Jie mistakes Wei Xiang for a lothario who toys with women 转载请注明出处,VCDDVD88.com敬上

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