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Ta Kian 2 古木女鬼
Code : 9557204070656
Price : MYR21.90 SGD10.40 USD8.54 RMB59.13 MYR17.52 / SGD8.32 / USD6.83 / RMB47.30
Weight :200 g
Genre :Horror / Science Fiction / Thriller ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Thai ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :New Southern Records Sdn. Bhd. ,

A lovely couple -SUN and PEAR met in Nang Ta Kian Valley,but their love doesn't last long.PEAR passes away and SUN have no choice but to leave Nang Ta Kian Valley for his new life. Two years later,SUN return to Nang Ta Kian Valley for research with his team of crews.He Brings along his new girlfriend-NOON and also told her about him and PEAR's history in this valley. Research is going well at the beginning,till one morning one of the crew was found dead in the forest... Who killed him?Will that be the return of PEAR???


SUN 和PEAR是一对亲密恋人,他们是在Nang Ta Kian相遇, 可是这一段恋情并不能维持太久,PEAR不幸去世了, 而SUN在没有选择之下离开了这个伤心的地方去寻找新的生活。 2年之后,SUN和他的队伍再度回到Nang Ta Kian Valley 去做森林研发工作,他同时也带了他的新女友NOON, 也告诉她有关 他和PEAR过去的恋情...... 开始时一切都很顺利,直到有一个早上,其中一名队员被发现死在森林里...... 是谁杀了他?难道是不甘心的PEAR回来复仇?....

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