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Surely Someday 五个暴走的少年
Code : 9555329237985
Price : MYR16.90 SGD8.03 USD6.59 RMB45.63 MYR13.52 / SGD6.42 / USD5.27 / RMB36.50
Weight :200 g
Genre :Classic , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Lambaian Filem ,

Drawing influence from the street musicians of Miyagi, four high school students form a band and spend their free time practicing for their school's upcoming festival. When the festival is abruptly concealed, they come up with a dimwitted strategy of faking a bomb threat to the school in order to force the principal to change his mind. Their plan seems to work at first, but when a real bomb goes off, the group is forced to take responsibility for the explosion and they are kicked out of school. Three years later, more details of the incident is revealed as the youth look back on the past. A Japanese BREAKFAST CLUB


巧(小出惠介 饰)、京平(胜地凉 饰)、秀人(绫野刚 饰)、和生(铃木亮平 饰)、雄喜(室毅 饰),是五个平凡的高中生。他们为了吸引女生注意,组了一个乐队,拼命地练习,准备在校园文化祭上演出。谁料,文化祭突然取消。他们只好霸占教室,威胁校方恢复文化祭,否则就引爆炸弹。   当然,他们几个当学生的是不可能弄来货真价实的炸弹,那只是一个假货。然而,行动当天,竟然真的有炸弹在学校爆炸。事后,五个人受到了严厉的处分。

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