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TV HongKong

HONG KONG TVB DRAMA Only You 只有您 Eps.1-30 End by Choi Ting-ting 蔡婷婷 (HK07)
Code : 9555209008520
Price : MYR59.90 SGD28.45 USD23.36 RMB161.73 MYR47.92 / SGD22.76 / USD18.69 / RMB129.38
Weight :350 g
Staring :李司棋 , 蒙嘉慧 , 郑嘉颖 , 田蕊妮 , 麦长青 , 黎诺懿 , 陈宇琛 , 张美妮 / Louise Lee , Yoyo Mung , Kevin Cheng , Kristal Tin , Mak Cheung-ching ,
Director :Amy Wong 王心慰 ,
Year :2011
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , HK TVB , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Cantonese , Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Audio Format :AUDIO STEREO ,
Discs :6
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :HONG KONG TVB ,

An unrelenting and boastful woman, MAK YAT-MAN (Yoyo Mung) wants to be a wedding planner after she gets the axe, simply for its simple job nature and attractive income. CHONG SZ-TIM (Lee Sze Kei), an expert in the trade and a person of principles, declines to take her as a student as she sees through MAN’s motive, but MAN will not yield. She tries her best to please TIM’s younger brother, CHONG SZ-CHAI ( Evergreen Mak) and his wife, SZETO FEI-FEI (Krystal Tin) who employ her as a coordinator in their bridal wear company. MAN is determined to do something big in her career, but the appearance of photographer, HA TIN-SANG (Kevin Cheng) makes her rethink the meaning of life. MAN and SANG have met all kinds of people at work, from couples in quarrel to couples in distress, neurotic brides to lovers with disabilities. Every couple has a unique love story to tell; in front of MAN and SANG they exchange wedding vows in an atmosphere of beauty and serenity. Although MAN and SANG love each other, their different outlook on life begins to tear them apart. Should lovers stand firm with principles or let go for love?


天生好胜及死充的麦一敏(蒙嘉慧)被公司裁员后,无意中发现大妗姐这个行业工作简单兼收入可观,便一心向金牌大妗姐庄思甜(李司棋)拜师学艺。 为人执着的思甜看穿一敏的动机,当然将她拒诸门外,一敏死不瞑目,出尽法宝博得思甜的弟弟庄思齐(麦长青)及其太太司徒菲菲(田蕊妮)的好感,让她在他们开设的婚纱公司任职统筹。 当一敏积极展开她的鸿图大计时,摄影师夏天生(郑嘉颖)突然出现,令她重新反思自己的人生,他们在工作中经历着欢喜冤家、落难夫妻、神经质新娘、残障情人等等不同新婚人士千奇百怪的爱情故事,从婚礼的开始到结束,二人共同迎接及见证一个个或庄严或感动的盟约。 纵然二人深爱对方,但各走极端的人生态度却令这段情荆棘满途……到底爱一个人应坚持自己还是放开自己,才能拥抱最终的幸福?

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