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26May2020 - 05:57 28 AM
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Sakura Lighting Mask 樱花嫩白光采面膜 【我的心机】
Code : A022
Price : MYR1.90 SGD0.90 USD0.74 RMB5.13 MYR1.52 / SGD0.72 / USD0.59 / RMB4.10
Weight :10 g
Genre :Facial Mask ,
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櫻花嫩白光采面膜,不只有淡淡的櫻花味,更精萃西印度櫻桃,讓西印度櫻桃裡天然的維他命C深入 {理毛孔,滋養肌膚改善暗沉,讓肌膚維持不緊繃的清爽狀態,還給肌膚明皙光采,再加上玻尿酸與多種植物精萃,其金盞花獨特效果,從古以來即可修護、舒緩肌膚,溫和的平衡油脂分泌,同時給你健康好氣色。
Function :
Lighting Mask with Vitamin C in West Indian Cherry penetrates and purifies pores for brisk and white skin.Hyaluronan and other plant extracts are available in this mask too.The unique effect of Marigold is great in repairing and soothing skin.The gentle and balance sebum secretion gives you a healthy complexion.

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