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Trail Of The Panda 熊猫回家路
Code : 9555275632407
Price : MYR24.90 SGD11.83 USD9.71 RMB67.23 MYR19.92 / SGD9.46 / USD7.77 / RMB53.78
Weight :200 g
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Malay ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :PAL ,
Discs :1
Region Code :3 ,
Model :DVD9 ,
Manufacturer :Berjaya Hvn Sdn Bhd ,

Walt Disney Pictures released this unusual Chinese-language effort. A family-oriented drama, it dramatizes the friendship that manifests itself between a young boy and a panda he meets in the wild. The tale unfolds in rural Wolong, Sichuan, prior to the May 2008 earthquake. Lu (Daichi Harashima is an 11-year-old with a difficult past behind him: his parents died early on, and an elderly man named Lao Chen adopted him. When Lao discovers an adult panda and her twin cubs inhabiting the nearby wilderness, he breaks Lu's heart (and reveals his own evil nature) by inviting a scientist, Feng (Feng Li) to take one of the baby pandas for purposes of research. Indignant, Lu rescues the cub himself and spirits it away from the vile Lao; in the process, the young boy develops one of the only friends he's ever had in the young bear. Over time, however, Lu begins to recognize his own responsibility for bringing the cub back to its home and mother. 剧情叙述小卢(原岛大地饰演)是个父母因火灾双亡的孤儿,他封闭在自己的世界里,直到有一天,一只小熊猫闯进了他的生活。小熊猫原本和它它的母亲及哥哥在野地生存,但因一时贪玩而迷路,并且成为了科学研究人员追捕的目标,小熊猫与母亲失散后独自面对蛮荒大地挣扎生存,直到它遇上了小卢。这对同病相怜的朋友,产生了相知相惜的情感,但小卢也因为这段情感及自己的人生经验,体会到他能给小熊猫最大的帮助,就是帮助它它找到回家的路,让它它和母亲团圆。 分离的时刻来临,小卢知道,当他放手让小熊猫回到母亲身边,也得割舍自己最好的朋友,最后,满怀爱心和勇气的...


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