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CHINA DRAMA DVD Chinese Paladin III 仙剑奇侠传三 Eps.1-37 End by 邓紫珊 (C28)
Code : 9555186800452
Price : MYR99.90 SGD47.45 USD38.96 RMB269.73 MYR79.92 / SGD37.96 / USD31.17 / RMB215.78
Weight :350 g
Staring :胡歌 , 杨幂 , 霍建华 , 刘诗诗 , 唐嫣 , 黄志玮 , 林子聪 ,
Director :梁胜权 , 林玉芬 , 黄俊文 ,
Year :2009
Genre :Ancient Period , Detective / Action , Family / Love / Relationship ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :Cantonese , Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :7
Region Code :3 ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Movie Master Distributors Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :两岸三地连续剧 ,

渝州城里乐观的景天渴望成为蜀山大侠。唐家堡大小姐雪见发现了唐门中有人勾结霹雳堂谋害爷爷,而幕后主脑居然来自蜀山,于是求助于欢喜冤家景天。蜀山的锁妖塔被来自魔界的重楼拔走了千年魔剑,打开了塔门,群妖滋扰凡间,景天与蜀山大弟子长卿为伸张正义并肩而战。原来景天的前身是神界的飞蓬将军,而长卿则是追随景天多年的神剑的化身。女娲的后人紫萱追着她的前世爱人长卿也来到蜀山,可是长卿已不记得她。只要能取得五颗灵珠,就能再次封印蜀山锁妖塔,重建秩序。众人在寻找五灵珠的过程中,互相扶持,患难中获得真情,历经重重困难后,众人终于取得五灵珠,战胜了邪剑仙,维护了人间的和平。历炼之后长卿和紫萱选择了放下,为大爱牺牲个人的小爱,景天则选择放弃恢复神界的身份,带着至爱雪见吃玩到老,对他而言没有任何东西比这一刻更真实,活在当下才是最重要的。 Happy-go-lucky youth Jing Tian (Hu Ge) is always daydreaming about becoming a hero,although in reality he's just a waiter. He unexpectedly gets pulled into the martial arts world when his town is struck by a mysterious deadly virus that turns people into murderous zombies. Joining the fight against the undead, Jing Tian befriends rich girl Xue Jian (Yang Mi) and Zu Mountain disciple Chang Qing (Wallace Huo), who was sent to help settle the conflict. There are far greater dangers waiting to unfold though when Chong Lou (Jerry Huang), a powerful and mysterious warrior from the dark realm, steals the thousand-year Dark Sword that guards Zu Mountain's Demon Tower. Long Kui (Cecilia Liu), a thousand-year-old spirit locked in the sword, is released into the world, along with other evils that throw heaven and earth out of balance. To seal the Demon Tower again, Jing Tian, Chang Qing, and Xue Jian must find five spirit orbs scattered in the mortal realm. Their quest is marked by dangers at every turn, and shocking revelations about Chong Lou's plans and Jing Tian's true identity.


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