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JAPANESE MOVIE Shaolin Girl / Shaolin Shojo / 少林少女 by Rika Sogo, Masashi Sogo (jm29)
Code : 8886356032306
Price : MYR29.90 SGD14.20 USD11.66 RMB80.73 MYR23.92 / SGD11.36 / USD9.33 / RMB64.58
Weight :200 g
Staring :Kou Shibasaki , Yosuke Eguchi , Takashi Okamura , Toru Nakamura , Lam Tze Chung , Tin Kai Man , Kitty Zhang ,
Director :Katsuyuki Motohiro ,
Year :2008
Genre :Modern , Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Audio Format :AUDIO STEREO ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Innoform Media (M) Sdn Bhd ,

Produced by Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, CJ7), Shaolin Girl tells the story of a girl by the name of Rin, who is compelled to take over her late grandfather's kung-fu dojo. She endures 3,000 days of brutal training at the Shaolin Martial Arts School in China before returning to her native Japan. But what awaits her is a dojo that lies in tatters and students who have abandoned the true discipline of Shaolin kung-fu. While struggling to restore her grandfather's school to its former glory and spread a genuine Shaolin philosophy, Rin attends university where she becomes a star member of the lacrosse team. While Rin's exceptional physical abilities being a string of victories to the team, her teammates in turn come to her aid by helping her re-establish the dojo. Just as fortune seems to smile upon her, a dark incident from a past Rin knew nothing about rears its ugly head into her fantastic showdown with tremendous evil. Is the Shaolin Girl up to the challenge?

樱泽凛 (柴崎幸 饰)是一名极具武术天份的少女,自幼被送往中国少林寺学习少林拳,更矢志回日本将少林拳发扬光大。然而回到日本,凛却惊见她爷爷所建立的道场已荒废,各同们师兄弟各散东西,而师父岩井拳见 (江口洋介 饰)更转行做中华料理厨师,并叫凛放弃少林拳。凛大受打击,却不肯言弃,决心一边自行重建道场,一边找寻机会叫人学习少林拳。


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