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KOREA DRAMA DVD Cruel Love / Motdoen Sarang / 酷爱 Vol.1-20 End by Lee Yoo-Jin (K36)
Code : 9555209002320
Price : MYR59.90 SGD28.45 USD23.36 RMB161.73 MYR47.92 / SGD22.76 / USD18.69 / RMB129.38
Weight :250 g
Staring :Kwon Sang-Woo , Lee Yo-Won , Kim Sung-Su , Cha Ye-Ryun , Kim Ka-Yeon / 权相佑 , 李瑶媛 , 金成洙 , 车艺莲 , 金佳妍 ,
Director :Kwon Gye-Hong , Park Man-Young 权溪泓 ,
Year :2007
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin , Korean ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :5
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :KOREA KBS ,

One of the most anticipated television comebacks of 2008, Kwon Sang Woo (Stairway To Heaven) is back in full motion with Bad Love, a classic love story about two men entangled in a stormy love affair with the same woman. Kwon plays the illegitimate son of a tycoon who engages in a heated rivalry with his ambitious stepbrother-in-law played by Kim Sung Soo (Stained Glass, Full House). Top actress Lee Yo Won (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee) also joins the cast as the woman caught in the middle of the love triangle. A benchmark tearjerker, Bad Love adopts the formula familiar from earlier hit melodramas. Written by the same author behind the 2004 hit drama Phoenix, Bad Love has been in talks of production since 2005 with other big names such as Kim Hee Sun, Ko So Young, and Rain also in line for casting consideration. Met with modest viewership ratings due to the massive popularity of competing dramas like Yi San and The King and I, Bad Love still packs in all the elements that have made Kwon the star that he is today, from the heart-wrenching dialogue to the controversial steamy elevator scene that will probably remain one of the all-time favorite love scenes in K-drama history.

The illegitimate child of a wealthy man, pop artist Yong Gi (Kwon Sang Woo) carries a rebellious chip on his shoulder, but beneath the tough mask lies a lovelorn heart that bleeds in silence. He meets and falls madly in love with fellow artist Joanne (Cha Ye Ryun, Muoi), but life's cruelty takes over and wreaks havoc in the relationship. Meanwhile, cellist In Jung (Lee Yo Won) faces the shock of her lifetime when Soo Hwan (Kim Sung Soo), the man she loves, finally reveals to her that he is married. More devastating than his confession is Soo Hwan's ultimate choice: a rich wife (Kim Ga Yun, Queen of the Game) for the sake of furthering his career. While sobbing uncontrollably one night by the riverside walk, In Jung bumps into Yong Gi. As it turns out, this was not the first time they had met.

權相佑2004年 { 《天国的阶梯》而红遍全亚洲,2005年的《悲伤恋歌》之后却转战大银幕,2008年《酷爱》(又名:坏爱情/毒爱)乃權相佑回归电视圈首作,描写自私又伤感的爱情故事。剧中權相佑更与《开朗医师奉达熙》李瑶嫒和《玻璃书》金成洙展开一段错综复杂的三角恋,男女主角有多场的激情吻戏,吻头十足,剧力万钧。


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