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ED:Boston Legal DVD9
Code : W001004
Price : MYR119.90 SGD56.95 USD46.76 RMB323.73 MYR95.92 / SGD45.56 / USD37.41 / RMB258.98
Weight :300 g
Genre :Detective / Action ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin , English ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :6
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD9 ,

A story of rehab, bad dreams, honoring your grandfather, evading those taxes on principle and Alan versus the Government - again. From ABC: When Alan Shore’s secretary, Melissa (Marisa Coughlan), is arrested for tax evasion, he takes on the case of this outspoken girl who says her late, patriotic grandfather would be proud of her for challenging the government. Meanwhile, after a blind date with Shirley Schmidt’s nephew goes badly, Denise Bauer hopes her love life will improve when she meets a cute policeman. And Paul Lewiston decides to stage an intervention for his crystal-meth-using daughter, insisting that a reluctant Brad Chase help him  美国ABC电视台《律师本色》(The Practice)的姊妹剧,在“本色”最后一季中,艾伦-肖被Young, Frutt,and Berluti公司解雇后,决定为Crane, Poole, and Schmidt律师行工作。在上司丹尼-克瑞恩的帮助下,他打赢了几件没人愿意接手的案子——当然其中也要耍点花招和手段,他迅速建立起自己的威信。并因此声名远扬。他与导师丹尼-克瑞恩形成一种亦师亦友的亲密关系,丹尼上了年纪总是忘事,被律师行的同仁视为怪人。 神话 破解惊世发现! 几千元做老板开个小店 星座音乐月光宝盒MP3 自体细胞抚平皱纹   艾伦在工作上的杰出成绩和他惯用的不光彩手段,让恪守传统价值观念的同事布拉德非常不满,两人进而成为工作中的竞争对手。蔡斯的另一个任务就是看着越来越古怪的的丹尼

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