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National Geographic - Naked Science: Moon Mysteries 月球之谜DVD
Code : C00355
Price : MYR29.90 SGD14.20 USD11.66 RMB80.73 MYR23.92 / SGD11.36 / USD9.33 / RMB64.58
Weight :100 g
Director :Simon Ludgate ,
Genre :Science / Weapon / Mystery ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :English ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,

4.5 billion years ago - The moon forms when another planet slams into the early Earth. 4 billion years ago - The solar system endures the most violent meteorite bombardment in its history - the Lunar Cataclysm. 3 billion years ago - The Earth has water and oceans. Because the moon is far closer - its gravitational pull is far stronger on the Earth. The tides it creates are thousnads of feet high and smash hundreds of miles inland everyday. The Future - In the future the moon will move so far from Earth that it will affect the fine balance of our planet - sending our climate tumbling out of control. The moon is far more than just a beutiful object in the night sky. 从45亿年前产生到现在,月球已经逐渐远离地球进入太空。月球的太空之旅,已经给地球带来许多不同程度的影响,最明显的是:没有月球就不会有地球的生命。45亿年前,当另一个星球闯入地球的时候,月球才开始形成;40亿年前,太阳忍受了史上最猛烈的陨石撞击——月球巨变;30亿年前,地球已经有水和海洋了。地球由于月球很靠近,他对地球的吸力相当大;潮汐能达数千尺高,每天冲击着数百里的陆地。未来,月球将远离我们的地球,从而使地球气候不再受其影响,恢复平衡。月球,远远不只是夜空中的一个美丽物体。

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