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Discovery Channel - The Great Egyptians: Ramses The Great《出埃及记》中唯一记载的法老王-拉姆西斯大帝
Code : C00250
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Genre :Science / Weapon / Mystery ,
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Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
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Explore and unveil the trus stories regarding the King and Queens of ancient Egypt, through the tales of their battles, loves, obsessions, preoccupations and deaths.

Ramses the Great - Ramses II ruled for 64 years. He built on a scale unequaled by any ruler in history, bragges about his military prowess and was fond of listing the names of his two hundred children. He claimed to have single-handedly won the battle of Kadesh and so great was Ramses' ego that he bricked up the doorways of his father's mortuary temple so he would have additional surfaces to boast of his achievements. He designed the great teple at Abu Simbel so the rays of the sun would shine into the innermost senctuary on his birthday and illuminate the four statues of Ramses and the gods. 古埃及及最伟大的建筑家、最勇猛的战士——拉姆斯大帝在位67年,所缔造的丰功伟绩在古埃及可谓空前绝后,对大多数埃及人而言,他是唯一的国王,也是永远的大帝。在本集节目中Dioscovery Channel 将带领我们深入拉姆西斯的世界,并解开这位古埃及传奇法老的神秘面貌。

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