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Discovery & Documentary

Discovery Channel - The Great Egyptians: The Real Cleopatra 埃及艳后 DVD
Code : C00242
Price : MYR29.90 SGD14.20 USD11.66 RMB80.73 MYR23.92 / SGD11.36 / USD9.33 / RMB64.58
Weight :100 g
Genre :Science / Weapon / Mystery ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin , English ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer : ,

Explore and unveil the true stories regarding the King and Queens of ancient Egypt, through the tales of their battles, loves, obsessions, preoccupations and deaths.

Cleopatra, the enduring icon of ancient Egypt, is always portrayed as conflicting persons, from unabashed temptress to cunning queen to honorable deity. For nearly 2000years Cleopatra has been the passion of artists and a fascinating conundrum for art historians and archaeologists. But still, even now, no one knows the real Cleopatra. What did she look like? Was she beautiful? Was she Afican or Greek, or both? Historical detective work indicates that she was a monogamous woman, a devoted mother of four, and compassionate queen to her people. What can be said with certainty is that Cleopatra continues to inpire, confound and intrigue. 埃及艳后以美貌闻名于世,但事实上,出类拔萃的才智才是她最大的财产。在与凯萨大帝及马克安东尼的两段婚姻中,她所表现出来的心计、手段于及坚定与伟大的政治抱负,使她始终盛名不坠。当众多曾经辉煌一时的法老王们被世人日渐淡忘,埃及艳后的名字“克莉欧派卓”却在世人心中历久不衰。。。

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