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HK-D : Dream Of Colours 下一站彩虹
Code : 510430281011
Price : MYR80.00 SGD38.00 USD31.20 RMB216.00 MYR64.00 / SGD30.40 / USD24.96 / RMB172.80
Weight :450 g
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern , HK TVB ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :Cantonese , Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :PAL ,
Discs :20
Model :VCD ,

It begins with Michelle Koo (Myolie Wu) on a plane after dropping out of university. Donna, her friend was on the plane with her. She was very nervous of going back home. Donna told her to relax and gave her something to drink. It was wine. When She Donna looked back she saw Nick Yau. She was very exicted and went over there. She talk with him a lot asking him what could she wear. Michelle got drunk and wanted to drink more. She got some and went over to Donna and where Nick Yau were. She was holding a glass of wine over there. She went crazy and spilled the cloth on Nick Yau's lap. The cloth was very special to him because he was going to make a dress for Elaine, his girlfriend. When Michelle came home she faced with her furious father who is very disappointed in her. After some happenings, she becomes friends with FeiFei (Rain Li), and Ella (Sharon Chan).

Somehow, they all end up working in Nee, a famous clothes line. Nee was famous because Nick Yau (Tse Kwan Ho) was in it. Coincidentally, Nick Yau was also Michelle's grandfather's student. Pulling strings, Michelle gets a job in Nee. However, only to help out with making coffee, photocopying things and other miscellaneous things. Then, Ella wins a scholarship to study fashion designing. However, because of them getting trapped in a lift due to Michelle having to retrieve something, Ella was late and did not get the scholarship. She was heartbroken. So FeiFei and Michelle help to get her a job at Nee. She and FeiFei gets in together. Michelle seeing her two best friends always going off for meetings at Nee wants to as well. She tries her best to learn a little and Nick allowed her to attend meetings as well. Soon, Ella gets jealous as she realizes that Michelle's ideas are always accepted instead of hers. She gets jealous and starts tricking Michelle.

Also, Michelle eventually becomes the student of Nick Yau. Elaine (Melissa Ng) who had been dating Nick Yau for more than 10 years decides to break up witih him as she feels that Nick Yau would be better off with Michelle. Eventually, this comes true and Michelle and Nick Yau date. However, this was only showed in episode 20, the last one. For a more pleasant ending, it showed how Ella decided to change for the better and how with Michelle working hard, she won a scholarshop to study fashion designing. This series ends with a scene at the departure hall of Hong Kong Airport. Nick says that she would wait for Michelle to return.

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