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TAIWAN DRAMA DVD It Started With A Kiss 恶作剧之吻 EPS 1-30 END (T08)
Code : 9555186372621
Price : MYR49.90 SGD23.70 USD19.46 RMB134.73 MYR39.92 / SGD18.96 / USD15.57 / RMB107.78
Weight :350 g
Staring :Ariel Lin , Joe Cheng , Jiro Wang , Chang Yung Cheng / 郑元畅 , 林依晨 , 汪东城 ,
Director :Chu Yu-ning (瞿友寧) ,
Year :2006
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , Malay ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :10
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Speedy Video Distributors Sdn Bhd ,

Yuan Xiangqin (Ariel Lin) is a naive but optimistic high school girl. Ever since she met Jiang Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng) at the freshman orientation, she's fallen in love with the genius with an IQ of 200. After two years of having a crush on him, she finally musters the courage to confess to him at school. Zhi Shu is not impressed, and his cold-hearted rejection immediately turns her into the biggest joke of the school. Misfortune comes in a pair: that evening, the new house she has just moved into with her father collapses in a minor earthquake. She and her father are instantly left homeless. Fortunately, her father's old high school friend extends a helping hand and invites both of them to live at his house. Little did Xiang Qin know that the kind Uncle Li is actually the father of Jiang Zhishu! Because of the unexpected turn of events, the two of them begin living their lives under the same roof. From then on, both families hoped that Zhi Shu will eventually marry Xiang Qin because they seemed like a good couple. Thus, Zhi Shu's mother always try to set both of them up together, though causing more trouble in the process.

袁湘琴是一个单纯开朗的高中女学生,自从在开学典礼上看见代表新生致词的江直树后,便不由自主地喜欢上这个号称IQ 200的超级天才少年。经过两年多无望的暗恋,她鼓足勇气在学校中对他表白,却遭到他无情的拒绝,更由於她的莽撞,一时间成了全校的笑柄。 然而屋漏偏逢连夜雨,就在湘琴告白被拒后,刚迁入的新家竟然被地震震垮了!眼看湘琴和相依为命的父亲就要露宿街头了,幸好父亲的国中好友阿利叔慷慨伸出援手,邀请父女两人到他家中暂住,但是湘琴万万没有想到,和蔼可亲的阿利叔竟然就是江直树的父亲!於是在这样的机缘巧合下,两个人就此展开同在一个屋簷下的全新生活…… 号称全台湾第一的天才直树几乎没有任何事能难得倒他,所有事情总在他掌握之中,然而湘琴的出现就像一个失控的龙捲风,将他原有的生活搞得天翻地覆,但湘琴不顾一切、勇往直前的那股傻劲却也让他开始思考自己的人生与未来,而湘琴对他的感情也在不知不觉中慢慢地渗入他心中……

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