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01Jun2023 - 05:42 35 PM
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Cheng Shi Zhao Ying Xiong Once Upon A Time In China & America ʨ
Code : 4918800001171
Price : MYR14.90 SGD7.08 USD5.81 RMB40.23 MYR11.92 / SGD5.66 / USD4.65 / RMB32.18
Weight :200 g
Genre :Ancient Period , Detective / Action ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Cantonese , Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Discs :1
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Nanomic Entertainment ,

ĩ㶫ʡܽƷɺ裨Σڹ֥ҽݣһӳǿлգ¹Σ춾ɽɽֹݣͼлﺣ⡣ɺΪӲֹҵ˳̽գʮ̣֥ΣӹߣΣԶɽɽһС һ˳򣬱¹ʣ;о;ɳĮţBilly֮ɺѣϲӡڰ˵ ϮɺΪʮ̶ºͷܵײʧȥ䡣Һ÷ɺ輰ʱΪӡڰ˷ӥȣڲԭϹŮ顣ʮ̣߼ĴѰҷɺ費ȴ˽ר򳤣ۼлͬѹȣɺ䲻ç һηӥһëսУɺʰؼ䣬֣˺ë壬ΪӢָۣķɺ뿪ӡڰˣʮ̵Ȼϡ 򳤹гϴСУǹɱгڣһ棬ͨ齫߿͵͵뱦֥ҽڣͼ߼޻ɺˡɺΪ޹Ω뱦֥ڸɺ裬գʮ̣߼Billy˱ʵ֮ʣϴ֮ С׼ѪϴСԭ̴̰߿Ϊ˱йͬİȫԼԼףɺΩг֣йսǹ֡ The story is set in both Hong Kong and the U.S. So goes to the U.S. to open a martial arts school. Around this time, many Chinese people were sold off to U.S. railroad companies, and were brutally treated by the Americans under the harsh working conditions. Thus, the American workers' hatred towards the Chinese immigrants is high. As a result, So gets into trouble with the Americans and the mob, and calls Master Wong for help


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