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DVD The Dream Racers 车神传说 Korean Drama
Code : W000077
Price : MYR29.90 SGD14.20 USD11.66 RMB80.73 MYR23.92 / SGD11.36 / USD9.33 / RMB64.58
Weight :200 g
Staring :崔真实 , 李秉宪 , 郑宇成 , 李英爱 , 韩载硕 ,
Director :Bon Kim ,
Year :1995
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin , Korean ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Producer :KOREA SBS ,

This page is designed to help you start your own fantasy racing league using the "DreamRacers" format that my friends and I have developed, including league rules and a FREE spreadsheet that generates league standings reports. The DreamRacers format provides additional rooting interest to NASCAR� fans by giving them ownership of a team of Winston Cup� drivers. Teams owned by different fans compete against each other throughout the Winston Cup�; season in a "friendly competition to the death" [1] based upon the results of Winston Cup� races. The team accumulating the most Winston Cup� points at the end of the season wins the "DreamRacer Cup". 2004 is our tenth season and the title chases have gone right down to the wire almost every year! Don't worry if you miss the start of the season, this format will be just as fun whenever you start. Some leagues even plan ahead of time to have a split season. Finally, feel free to change any rules you don't like. After all, the point is to enjoy the race! 设计帮助您开始您自己的幻想赛跑同盟使用我朋友和我开发了的"DreamRacers" 格式, 包括同盟规则和引起同盟身分报告的一个自由报表。DreamRacers 格式提供另外的根源的兴趣对NASCAR4a 风扇由给他们Winston Cup4a 司机的队的归属。队由不同的风扇拥有竞争互相反对在Winston Cup4a 过程中; 晒干在"友好的竞争中对死亡" [ 1 ] 根据Winston Cup4a 种族的结果。队积累多数Winston Cup4a 点在季节的结尾赢取"DreamRacer 杯子" 。2004 年是我们的第十个季节并且标题追逐去下来导线几乎每年! 不要担心如果您错过季节的开始, 这个格式将是正乐趣每当您开始。一些同盟甚而计划在时刻之前有分裂季节。终于, 感到自由改变您不喜欢的所有规则。终究, 点将享受种族!

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