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Footpath DVD Footpath DVD
Code : DVD-DJ
Price : MYR12.90 SGD6.13 USD5.03 RMB34.83 MYR10.32 / SGD4.90 / USD4.02 / RMB27.86
Weight :100 g
Genre :Comedy / Love ,
Subtitle :English ,
Language :Hindi ,
Discs :1

Region Code: ALL
Picture Format: NTSC

Cast :
Aftaab Shivdasani, Bipasha Basu
Story :

This story is about four childhood friends in Mumbai - Arjun Singh (Aftab Shivdasani), Raghu Srivastav (Emraan Hashmi), Shekhar Srivastav (Rahul Dev) and Sanjana (Bipasha Basu). Raghu, Shekar and Sanjana are siblings. The story starts with the boys trying to steal Pepsi bottles from a Pepsi franchise van. Then father of Arjun Sign (a cab driver by possession) is murdered by union guys. Raghu (at the age of 10) reacts violently and stabs that union leader on his back and kills him. Since the needle of suspicion is turned on Arjun Singh, he is bundled into a Delhi-bound train by his friends. The Srivastav brothers turn in to leading drug peddlers in Mumbai city. Arjun Singh becomes a real estate agent in New Delhi. Sanjana stays in a separate place as she hates her brothers doing illegal activities. 12 years later, Arjun Singh is confronted by a honest cop who finally traces that the murderer of the union leader is staying in New Delhi. He offers a deal to him for avoiding imprisonment. All Arjun has to do is to go back to Mumbai and meet the friends Raghu and Sekhar. Then he should find out the real source of drugs by joining their gang as police informer. In the process Arjun would also get a chance to explain Raghu and Sekhar about the perils of drugs to the community and mend their ways. If Arjun Singh refuses to accept the offer he would be sent to jail on the charge of murder and his friends Raghu and Shekhar would be shot dead in a fake encounter.
Its an act of betrayal to their friendship. But, since this mission helps three of the friends in a direct way, Arjun Singh accept the deal and is bundled back to Mumbai. The rest of the story is all how what exactly transpires in the relationships of these three friends.

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